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Our Manifesto

Years in a city soaked in Japanese culture. Hundreds and thousands of identical cars. Thousands of hours in search. Looking for yourself, searching for inspiration, searching for technology and knowledge, searching for people who are also infected with the idea.

Japan gave us a taste, gave love to cars. For us, the car is not an iron carriage on wheels to daily move. This is a continuation of us.

To be different, to be different from hundreds and thousands of identical iron soulless mechanisms. Without kitsch, respecting the work of the Creators. Harmony of form and function.

Continuation of the factory lines. As the muscles of an athlete developing his body.

Internet erased boundaries. We want our manifesto to be heard and supported by the same enthusiasts as we all over the world.

The difference is always in the details. The details of what makes us and our cars different.
In the world of fakes and copies, we give the opportunity. The opportunity to be different.

That will scatter the world. That will go down in history. This is our manifesto of clean lines and shapes.

Tony Fenderist

Feel free to write, call and visit us. We really love to communicate with our clients.
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